Andreja Skulj, potter

My main occupations are pottery and designing unique clay products. This gives me many forms of artistic and creative possibilities in discovering new useful shapes. I was first introduced to clay, the core material of my products, in 1994, when I started to develop my own distinctive style. As a central decorative element, I use motifs of Slovenian bobbin lace, which I carefully imprint into the clay products and subsequently emphasize the elements of Idrija and Ziri tipology. In this way, I have been able to merge two old traditional Slovenian crafts: pottery moulding and bobbin lace making. The assortment of products that I can enrich your life with is very wide and includes more than 150 different items. What they all have in common is that after a careful design, drying and polishing process, I fire them at 1000°C and breathe new life into the clay-soil.

It has always been a characteristic of craftsman to regularly attend village fairs around the country, where they would sell their products or trade them with other manufacturers for amenities needed for everyday life. I am very happy to attend similar, more modernized crafts fairs myself. There, I can exhibit and sell my products, present their making process and chat with visitors.

Products can be viewed and purchased in numerous galleries and arts and crafts shops in Slovenia, as well as in my studio, where I neatly arrange them in specially hand-made packaging, tag and add text that says something about their origin, creation and use, thereby increasing their nobility. They are marketed under my own brands. The first is the potter brand, my graphic portrait and the work of our well-known academic painter and caricaturist Jože Trobec. The second is textual, “When we breathe life into earth”, symbolizing the transformation of clay into a useful product. While the visitors of my studio are choosing something for their soul, a gift for their loved ones, friends or business partners, their toddlers can learn their first steps with clay in the playing corner. Many are left fascinated by their first contact with clay, so they are more ready to attend one of my creative workshops. Here, children can learn about clay as a material of infinite design proportions and can also fire their products and take them home as a souvenir.

My products have frequently been included in the selection of arts and crafts, which is exhibited by the Slovenian Chamber of Craft in the traditional exhibition in Slovenj Gradec. However, the greatest recognition for my work comes from pottery aficionados, who are always coming back either to complete their collections or to buy some personal or business gifts for their friends or business partners. They are intended to build relationships and put them on the level of authenticity, sincerity and friendship.

I hope you continue having a good day.

“And that is the Kranj bowl: the further you carry it, the more expensive it gets; the more times you throw it, the more of them there are.”
(Slovenian folk proverb)