Workshops for children and adults

The casualness, curiosity and honesty of children know no bound, which is why working with children has always greatly inspired me. This can also be shown through the creative workshops I organize in my studio. I would also be very pleased to respond to any invitations from schools and kindergartens.

In the workshops, children and adolescents are introduced to clay as the basic material of their creations, which have no limits in creating and moulding. We use a variety of colours and textures of clay, learn different techniques of moulding and in the end, we also fire the products so they can take at home as a souvenir. They acquire some basic techniques to mould a lump of clay into a unique product.

In recent years, I have frequently been invited to hold creative workshops for the Third Life Period, which I carry out at the invitation of various associations and homes for the elderly. They serve as a great way for the elderly to keep their grey cells and hand crafts in shape, and often also the facial and abdominal muscles when we are joyfully chatting and laughing.

Contact me and I promise you we will have a nice memorable time together. You can see some highlights from previous workshops below: